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Agro Forum Expo 2018


The present economic indicators all point to the significance and magnitude of the agriculture sector in Nepal. Agriculture makes up about 40% of the national GDP and contributes to about 70% of national employment.

The national budget has always treated agriculture as a priority sector and allocated NRs. 23.28 billion for the 2071-72 fiscal year. Likewise, donor countries and institutions have earmarked US$ 45.85 million for agriculture sector alone. Rastriya Bank has sent directives to the commercial banks requiring them to allocate 12 % of the loan portfolio to agricultural sector. This year’s credit to agriculture sector has resonated a growth of 42 % during the last fiscal year.

The 20 year Agriculture Perspective Plan is expected to be superseded by Agriculture Development Strategy in 2018. The proposed ADS has recommended spending Rs 502 billion in 10 years, or around Rs 50 billion annually, including the contribution from the private sector and donors. The ADS has targeted boosting the average annual growth rate to 5 percent from the present 3 percent for the agricultural sector. Likewise, exports of farm items have been targeted to increase to $1.6 billion from $250 million through the implementation of the ADS.

Fueled by initiatives and incentives both from Nepal Government as well as the donor countries and institutions, the agriculture sector is poised for a significant growth in next few years. Aside from the substantiating statistics, agriculture has tremendous real-life relevance not only because it is an everyday part of our lives but also because it is fundamental to our livelihood and survival. Thus, the absolute need of a platform for interaction, exchange and trade for all the stakeholders, beneficiaries, sellers and buyers of the agro sector.

The theme for Agro Exhibition & Conference 2018 is “Progressing from Subsistence to Commercial Agriculture”. Agro 2018 is expected to host about 150 exhibitors including three thematic pavilions, two entertaining live events and an educational conference for 300 participants. It is expected to attract about 60,000 visitors. The event is both a business-to-business event as well as business-to-consumer event.

A TV or radio commercial cannot do what an exhibition can do. What an exhibition can do, a print or bill-board ad cannot do. An exhibiotion is a rare event that gives you far more possibilities that even a door-to door sales call. The Agro Exhibition & Agro Forum Expo 2018, clearly defines and demonstrates the power of live communication and marketing.



Agro Forum Expo 2018, Sept 14th - 16th 2018, Kathmandu Nepal

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